Dancho pursuing her dream

Raquel Dancho is the Conservative Party of Canada candidate for Kildonan-St. Paul. (Photo Submitted for Selkirk Journal/Interlake Publishing/Postmedia Netowrk)

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Raquel was born and raised in Beausejour to four generations of hardworking Canadian farmers and small business owners. Her passion for politics began at an early age and led her to pursue an education in Political Science at McGill University.
Raquel rose up the ranks within the provincial Government, most notably working for the Cabinet Ministers of Sustainable Development and Sport, Culture and Heritage.
Selkirk Journal: What has inspired you to run in the 2019 Federal Election for Member of Parliament?
Raquel Dancho: Running as an MP has been a dream of mine since I was a child and, in this election, I felt I could not sit idly by while Trudeau made life more expensive and jeopardized our future, and the future of our kids, with his reckless spending and embarrassing foreign policy record. I believe strongly that the Conservative Party message of affordability and getting people ahead, is the positive vision this country needs right now.
SJ: How do you feel you can make a difference for your local community?
RD: As a resident of Kildonan St-Paul I feel I have a deeper understanding of what constituents would like to see in their MP. Kildonan-St. Paul deserves a strong, energetic, and dedicated voice in Ottawa who can collaborate with all three levels of government to secure funding and get things done for our community. With the good relationships I’ve built at the provincial and civic levels of government throughout my political career, I know I am the best candidate to deliver this for voters.
SJ: What aspect of your party’s platform do you admire most in order to make a difference locally and for all residents of
RD: Working to end raw sewage dumping into our rivers and lakes is one of our platform policies that I’m most excited about. That, and our dedicated focus on making life more affordable for the people of Kildonan-St. Paul and all Canadians.
SJ: How do you feel you can contribute most to your political party if elected?
RD: I will work hard and be dedicated to listening to my constituents and advocate strongly on their behalf to my party regarding the most important issues facing our community. In addition, millennial voters make up the single largest voting bloc in the country, and it is critical that their voices are represented at the Conservative table and in Government. My campaign has had an extraordinary amount of youth engagement and I will continue to build on that success as the Member of Parliament.
SJ: What is the number one issue in your mind for the constituency that you are running in (Kildonan-St. Paul)?
RD: My team and I have knocked on tens of thousands of doors and spoken to tens of thousands of people and resoundingly, affordability is the number one issue facing our community. The Conservative Party is the only party offering a platform that focuses on making life less expensive so that our community can get ahead and not just get by. As the MP, my priority will be to make life more affordable for all Kildonan-St. Paul residents.
SJ: What is the number one issue in your mind for Canada?
RD: Affordability is the number one issue facing Canadians. The Conservative Party is the only party that will work hard to balance the books, spend responsibly, and put more money back into the pockets of taxpayers and all Canadians. A Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer will prioritize the needs of everyday people and make life more affordable.
SJ: What are you doing personally and what is your party doing in order to get a higher voter turnout and to engage voters in this federal election?
RD: My team and I have knocked on tens of thousands of doors over the past year and a half and have worked extremely hard to speak personally with as many Kildonan-St. Paul residents as possible. I have heard their concerns and their vision for our community and for Canada. As the Member of Parliament for Kildonan-St. Paul, I will have the energy, the dedication and the determination to deliver results to my constituents. The momentum is building in support of a Conservative majority Government that will put more money in your pocket because we believe it’s time for you to get ahead.