Christian challenging to become mayor of West St. Paul

Councillor Cheryl Christian announces her intention to run for mayor in the upcoming municipal election in West St. Paul.

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After just one term as councillor for the RM of West St. Paul, Cheryl Christian is making her pitch for mayor.

“We can do better,” Christian said during her election announcement on June 20. “It’s our neighbourhood to live, work and play so let’s demand better. Together let’s elect a mayor and council that works for residents first.”

Christian chose to run for mayor because of her passion for the local community, was a board member of the Red River Planning District during 2014 and 2015.

“I love West St. Paul,” Christian said. “It’s been my family home for four generations. My husband Derek and I are raising our five children here. That’s my biggest reason for running for mayor – I am dedicated to making West St. Paul a vibrant and safe community for our children and your children that we will also be proud to call home.”

According to Christian, she will work hard to provide an open government, well planned development for both residential and commercial properties. Christian also served on the West St. Paul parent advisory board for three years.

Christian’s platform

• Establish a fair and open decision-making process;
• Ensure well planned development and growth;
• Managing municipal finances more responsibly;
• Continue to advocate for the safety in the workplace and community;
For more information, contact Christian by phone at 204-338-4339 or by email at You can also visit her website at