Hear It Live: Sunny Day Encore explores degrees of fine in 'It's Okay'

"No matter what really happens, it’s just all going to be OK," Chad Christison said about Sunny Day Encore's song It's Okay.

Moose Jaw band Sunny Day Encore is (from left) Chad Christison and Justice Ausum. Supplied photo

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Hear It Live is a closer look at a song and its writer/performer. Hear “It’s Okay” when Sunny Day Encore performs Friday in Regina.

The artist

Sunny Day Encore is a shoegaze rock duo from Moose Jaw. Chad Christison plays lead guitar and sings; Justice Ausum plays rhythm guitar and does vocals too.

When Christison and Ausum met through mutual friends and became roommates 2 ½ years ago, they recognized a shared taste in music and started jamming together.

The band name, Ausum crafted while sitting in his high school library about five years ago.

“I just held onto it until I found a band that was actually sweet,” said Ausum.

The song

While Christison and Ausum each wrote part of “It’s Okay,” they didn’t exactly co-write it.

“I’m the primary songwriter for that song, because we both kind of just write our own songs and work on them together after a certain point,” said Christison, who wrote “It’s Okay” last summer in a quick four hours — “I was inspired,” he added.

The song is about “people going in and out of our lives,” said Christison.

“We had some band members that were leaving and we were considering moving away to Montreal because their music scene is pretty awesome. … I was just thinking about people leaving and people staying, and how no matter what really happens, it’s just all going to be OK. That’s the basic premise of the song.”

Ausum vocalizes a poem he wrote to end the song, starting at about the 4:20 mark.

“Pretty much the premise around the poem is just feeling life slipping away from you,” said Ausum. “I have seizures, so it was kind of just like a verbal definition of how I felt during having a seizure and kind of just relating it to life in general.”

Moose Jaw band Sunny Day Encore is (from left) Chad Christison and Justice Ausum. Supplied photo

The words

The chorus of the song changes slightly in three repetitions, but the common lyrics are:

While you’re gone,

I’m just laying in the sun.

It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.

Ausum somewhat freestyles the poem live, but on the recording, it begins:

As consciousness slips into and out of

The gaping cracks of reality,

Much like the glimmering sunbeams

Through an elderly park bench

That laid upon the sun-kissed grass

Near the pale, green, gently flowing river,

A set panic starts to brew.

Listen now

“It’s Okay” is on Sunny Day Encore’s second EP, Double A-Side, which is on streaming services including BandCamp and iTunes. Ausum and Christison are working on a full-length album, recording with Chris Dimas at Grind Central Records.

Hear it live

Sunny Day Encore is playing Friday, July 19, 11 p.m. at O’Hanlon’s in Regina. They’re also in Saskatoon at Amigos on Aug. 10.

Although Christison and Ausum record as a duo, Sunny Day Encore enlists other musicians for live shows. On Friday, their roommate Darryl Peters will join them on bass and Drake Mark will play drums.